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With D-sider creator: helping hands for designers in the future


Are you designing a product of your own? Have you been racking your brains for an original idea? Are you longing for a professional community that can offer you suggestions and guidance? The business plan we are about to discuss might be an idea that meets these requirements.

Today we have Kai Duan with us. He graduated from International Media Business of University of Westminster and is a co-author of this business plan. Now let Perfect Pitch ask questions on your behalf. All you wanna know is right here.

P=Perfect Pitch     K=Kai Duan

P: Would you tell me something about your business plan?

K: Our project is called “D-sider”. It’s an online community for burgeoning designers who want to share their ideas and exchange views with others. Traditional social sites are obviously not an ideal place for such a purpose. According to our survey among designers, 93% of respondents deemed it necessary to get inspiration from works and ideas of others while 90% of them hoped for comments and advice on their works from experienced professionals. Many unknown designers may be very capable. But there hasn’t been a good platform where they can display their talent. What we are doing is to provide such a platform.

P: How did you come up with this idea?

K: We did a lot of brainstorm together. Every member of the team agreed that we should design a product to really help students. Actually, there were many design majors in our school. We often saw them busy with their works in the forum or lab. It’s very difficult for young designers to establish a name for themselves in a big city like London. So, we decided to create a platform to help them. And then we developed the simple notion into a full business plan.

P: Was there any trouble during the preparation? How did you solve it?

K: Yes. Market analysis was the hardest part of our business plan. I guess other teams might face the same problem at that time. Building a website isn’t as easy as it may sound. It requires a lot of fund for daily maintenance and operation. Moreover, we had to convince investors of our project before we could get any investment. We figured that the business plan must be as thorough as possible. We had to consider related services, subsequent upgrading and improvement of the website. We brainstormed on the details of the product over and over again to make it impeccable. We often asked ourselves this question: what did we care most if we were investors. Then, we improved our project accordingly.

P: How did you feel when giving your presentation?

K: We completed the design of the project and submitted all materials a month prior to the presentation. We spent much time together going over every little detail of our project. We were fully prepared when that day came. We were excited and a little bit nervous because in front of us were real investors. It’s really an exciting and also rewarding experience. Given that time was limited, some team members didn’t have a chance to present their part of the project so fully. Although we were well prepared, some factors did affect our performance more or less.

P: What benefits did you get for participating in this project and activity?

K: The best thing I learned is how to think thoroughly and methodically about the details. It makes me more rigorous. By creating a business plan of my own, I have formed a basic understanding of the market. I feel that I become more mature and experienced after this project. It’s something I could never learn from any book.

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Look  how University of Westminster students pitch their business plans:

5 Quick Presentation Tips for Startup Pitches

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David Cummings on Startups

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear startup pitches at the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition regional final at the Atlanta Tech Village. Being a regional final, this group represented the best HBS-affiliated teams from around the Southeast. Here are five quick presentation tips for startup pitches after seeing tonight’s event:

  1. Tell a Story – Most of the pitches were product-heavy and not story-oriented. The winner of the event told the best story and made the problem/solution most relatable.
  2. Invest in Slides – Slides should be visually compelling, even if the investment is modest. Everyone in the audience knows immediately if they’re homemade.
  3. Don’t Read Slides – One of the presenters read multiple slides to the audience, word for word. Ouch. Engage with the audience and don’t read to them.
  4. Max 10 Words Per Slide – Slides to be used as handouts are different from slides for a visual…

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Seeking help from you, yes I mean you



We are media students and before graduation each group needs to do a presentation similar to the ones in “Dragons’ Den”. We are only a few days away. What would be your advice to us?

And,we don’t have any experiences at all and this is a very valuable opportunity to convince investors by pitching creative ideas and plans.

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Celebrities who taught us some great presentation skills

1. Emma Watson Emma Watson was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She gave a very powerful speech for a great cause. What made it so powerful is a good rehearsing before speech, making pauses wile telling her speech and not reading all the time from the lis even tho her speech was quite long. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 16.35.55 2. Ellen Page Oh what a lady, she made the whole world talk about discrimination and pressure that comes with being an actress in Hollywood. But she did it, she came out, and was not afraid to talk about who she is, anymore. The topic of you presentation has to be something you believe in, more than anything in the world. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 16.38.45 3. Shia Labeouf Shia told us that presentation can be extraordinary! Try to listen to your guts to understand you public and how you should present to them..or don’t understand your public and just do what you feel right anyway. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 16.45.42 4. Barack Obama it is more the actors that we concentrated here by now, but it is wrong not to mention a great public speaker, that proves the power of ‘suit up’ rule. It is always works just put you best suit and believe in every word you say. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 16.50.48 Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and tell us who is your favourite presenter and why? Please keep following Perfect Pitch. click here like our Facebook, and here follow our twitter.