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Made by  “Perfect Pitch” team.

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Who are we:Perfect Pitch TEAM


This is a very exciting time for our team. We have finally started moving towards recognising our passion and purpose for this project.

We started to work as a group in order to find out more about how to promote any ideas in an interesting way and tried to find out more about how to give a good presentation. We found out a lot of interesting things from the graduate students that we interviewed and articles from all different sources, not only that but we all had quite a lot of different experience before coming together and creating Perfect Pitch.

Here are 5 tips that would help you when you starting working on the project (Uni project) with a new team:

1. Make sure before going into specifics of the project you have got to know each other a bit. Try to go out together and try to find out what do you have in common and what do you like about each other.

2. Before meeting together, read what the project is about on your own, or do some brainstorming on what the project can be about if the topic is not given.

3. Everyone is different. If someone doesn’t contribute in the conversation strongly they might be better at completing the task rather than coming up with ideas.

4. Try to meet up as a group every week to track the progress. It is crucial that you keep in touch always during the project.

5. Support each other even if it seems very hard remember the success of the project lies in helping and supporting other members of the team rather than in the personal skills.

By Olya of Perfect Pitch

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