Planning apps, group work and pitching from our buddies at Buddy App


Since there is a traditional project for the students of Media Management in Uni of Westminster, all of us are told to make an elaborate, feasible, and creative business plan,and pitched it at the end of semester in front of some investors just like “Dragons’ Den”. I have to say, it really drives us crazy. So we contacted with Ms. Arianne who did that last year, let’s see what did she say about it.

P=Perfect Pitch     A=Arianne

P:What was your project about?

A:Our business plan was a mobile application. It  was called Buddy App. Originally it based around idea structure as a well known app Tinder. The main concept of it that you can swipe the things you like to the left and things you don’t to the right but instead of people as in Tinder, Buddy Up has various event for the audience to choose from in London.

P:How did your group generated such an idea?

A:It was very hard at the moment.  A lot of people were using Tinder and while brainstorming all the time. We were sure that we want to make an application instead of magazine. As application was much easier to build but still required all the different skills. Our group was trying to understand what London is missing? What app would be very useful in such a vibrant city? There are a couple of websites that a based around the idea of finding events, but we found they are quite boring and not so easy to use.  And we really wanted to concentrate on the small events, try to attract people to discover new places around there area, and not concentrate on musical or such events that other websites are concentrate more. We were all international students and this is one thing that we all were trying to search for – interesting and entertaining events.

P:Could you tell us more about your experience of presenting this idea?

A:I loved it! I really enjoyed but I know other people were quite nervous. It was a big project and everyone was preparing for it for a long time. We had people from outside attending the event to hear our ideas. Yes, we were quite pumped up but more because the pressure of the event was building up over the time. We all dressed up for the event and we all spend so much time on it that we were really nervous but excited to show our product. For me it was exciting!

P:Looking back at you experience, what would you advice to our readers to avoid the stress of giving the presentation?

A:Practice a lot! Practice a  lot because there is a time limit. and we have practiced with the time watch to make sure we will be on time. As it would be very disappointing to be stopped by the lecturer and to have enough time to finish the  representation. We divided the whole presentation into sections. We all wanted to make sure we deliver the idea and every aspect of it. My advice would be practice.

P:Is there is anything important you took from the whole experience?

A:It is very interesting  to work together with a very diverse people. We were very good at seeing each other strength and trusting each other on the parts that each of us was responsible for. Everyone who came to this course had a quite a different background so we were discussing who’s good at what and would like to do for the project. We would have meeting every week to give a feedback on each others work. At the time I don’t thing we did it on purpose but looking at it back I think it was crucial for us to dived work in such a way.

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